Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2009 CNFC Conference (in Banff)

April 24-26, 2009

Location: The Banff Centre

Our keynote speaker will be Charles Foran, "RICHLER WAS FUNNY: WHY CAN'T YOU BE? Challenges of the Literary Biography".

Our four workshops will include the following:

Workshop #1: NEW NATURE WRITING. Host: Luanne Armstrong

Workshop #2: TRUTH VS MYTH IN CNF. Host: Harold Rhenisch

Workshop #3: HYBRID FORMS OF CNF. Host: Betsy Warland

Workshop #4: THE MEMOIR. Host: Myrna Kostash.


7:30pm -- 9:30PM: reception & CNFC cabaret (readings). Host: Ted Bishop. Socializing thereafter.


9:00AM -- 11:00: Keynote Speech: Charles Foran, "RICHLER WAS FUNNY: WHY CAN'T YOU BE? Challenges of the Literary Biography" followed by Q&A

11:00AM -- 11:15AM: Coffee break

11:15AM -- 12:30PM: Workshops #1 and #2.

12:30PM -- 1:30PM: Lunch

1:30PM -- 2:45PM: Workshops #3 and #4.

2:45PM -- 3:15PM: Coffee break

3:15PM -- 4:30PM: Round Table Discussion (plenary): Marketing. Host: David Leach

4:30PM -- 6:00PM: Free time.

6:00PM -- 7:15PM: Dinner

7:30PM -- 9:00PM. The CNFC's first annual READERS' CHOICE AWARDS

Socializing thereafter.


8:00AM -- 9:00AM: Breakfast

9:15AM -- 11:45AM: Annual General Meeting

12:00 noon -- 12:30PM: Checkout

12:30PM -- 1:30PM: Lunch

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Welcome to the Creative Non-Fiction Collective

Welcome to the new blog for the Creative Nonfiction Collective, a non-profit organization run by and for Canadian writers of creative nonfiction. We offer nonfiction writers of all backgrounds and experience a number of ways to discuss their craft, discover new opportunities for publication, and meet fellow authors. These include:
  • The CNFC listserv: an email forum used by members and non-members to share information, post news links and readings, ask questions, discuss topics and controversies, and generally get to know each other and our work;
  • The CNFC main webpage: This is our main Internet presence, with information about our organization's history and mandate, our executive, how to become a member, our annual conference, as well as background information and reference links to member websites, reading lists and other context about our genre;
  • The CNFC conference: every year (usually in April), members get together (usually at the Banff Centre) for a weekend of seminars, round tables and readings about creative nonfiction. Not to be missed! News about the event will be posted on our listserv, website and blog. Check out our homepage for the programs from previous conferences;
  • The CNFC blog: this new blog site gives us an additional presence in the blogosphere and will be another place to post news and links that might interest our members and other nonfiction writers.
Don't be shy. Please explore our various outlets and offerings. Feel free to sign up and "lurk" on our listserv. And then join our literary discussions and annual get-together. It's an exciting time to be a nonfiction writer in Canada.